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Knights Gambeson

Product Code: CG-02A


  • Knights Gambeson
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Knights Gambeson

Product Code: HG-02A
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You receive this order approx
from August 7
to August 21, 2016

PRICE: 90.00€




The most popular medieval gambeson of X-XII centuries among European knights.

Warriors worn such type of gambeson under the chainmail, and in this case gambeson had 4-6 layers of padding.

If you plan to wear it under brigandine or plate armour, so 3 layers of padding will be enough.

Closed Gambeson had been pulled over the head and had a lacing on the back side of neck.

More often it has being made of linen or wool, but gambesons made of leather or cotton are known too.

Such models are typical for medieval knights, who were taking a participation in crusades and were seeing the war on the Holy Land.

For better protection, we recommend to use this gambeson together with chausses and brigandine.

Gambeson armor has 2 color variants in stock and 4 custom color variants for additional price 20 €, as it would be sewn after order:


stock black uncolored    
custom white green red blue




Top fabric - Cotton

Fastenings - Leather laces

Padding - 100% natural wadding (50% wool and 50% cotton)

Layers of padding - 3 in body part, 2 in sleeves

Sleeves stitching - With holes under the armpits

Type of production - machine sewing

 Designed for:

  • reenactment
  • sca armored combat
  • HEMA
  • full contact sword fighting
  • light fight
  • training weapons figh
  • staged battles
  • larp

Buying our gambeson you get:

  • excellent protection
  • qualitative and 100% natural fabrics
  • materials that allow your body not to overheat during active trainings and tournaments

Ideal value for such money.

If you need an instruction how to take care your gambeson, just follow the link.


Period  10th-12th centuries
Location Europe
Social class Knight Soldier
Top fabric                                     Cotton
Fasteners Leather laces
Padding 100% natural wadding: 50% wool and 50% cotton
Layers of padding 3 in body part, 2 in sleeves
Sleeves stitching With holes under the armpits
SCA-compliant Yes



Sizes chart

Chest 81-87 cm
(32-34 in.)
88-94 cm
(35-37 in.)
95-102 cm
(38-40 in.)
103-109 cm
(41-43 in.)
110-119 cm
(45-47 in.)
120-129 cm
(49-51 in.)
Waist 63-69 cm
(25-27 in.)
70-77 cm
(27-30 in.)
77-84 cm
(30,5-33 in.)
86-91 cm
(34-36 in.)
92-102 cm
(36-40 in.)
102-117 cm
(40-46 in.)
Hips 81-87 cm
(32-34 in.)
88-94 cm
(35-37 in.)
95-102 cm
(38-40 in.)
103-109 cm
(41-43 in.)
110-116 cm
(44-46 in.)
117-124 cm
(47-49 in.)

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