Padded accessories

Padded accessories – part of medieval clothing for people who wears armor.

We have different models of padded armor for period of the Middle Ages.

Padded armor divided on such types of protection:

  • Padded chausses
  • Padded gauntlets and mittens
  • Padded aventails and pelerines
  • Padded caps and liners


Linen Liner For Bascinet Helmet

Linen Liner For Bascinet Helmet (CL-011A)


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Linen Padded Cap

Linen Padded Cap (CL-021A)


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Liner For Bascinet Helmet

Liner For Bascinet Helmet (CL-01A)


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Liner For Sallet Helmet

Liner For Sallet Helmet (CL-04A)


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Padded Aventail

Padded Aventail (PA-01A)


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Padded Cap

Padded Cap (CL-02A)


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Padded Chausses

Padded Chausses (CPC-04A)


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Padded Gauntlets

Padded Gauntlets (PG-02A)


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Padded Mittens

Padded Mittens (PG-05A)


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Padded Pelerine

Padded Pelerine (PP-01A)


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Padded Pelerine With Cap

Padded Pelerine With Cap (CL-07A)


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Padded Protection For Thighs

Padded Protection For Thighs (CPC-02A)


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Padded chausses.

If you are a fighter and your trainings are aggressive, your legs need good “medieval” protection.
At ArmoryWorld, you can buy padded underamour for thighs and padded chausses, so your legs will be safe.

Padded gauntlets and mittens.

Hand protection is very important as well. We offer you padded gloves, mittens and gauntlets. 
Padded gloves could be three finger or two finger for good hold of weapon.
Our medieval padded equipment will protect your hands during fencing or sword craft trainings.

Padded aventails and pelerines.

If you use helmet, you should know that helmets never used separately: your neck, face, shoulders should be covered as well.
Padded Aventail provides additional protection of the neck and upper part of chest for such types of helmets as barbute or bascinet.
All our medieval underarmour is made of linen or cotton – natural materials, provide comfortable wearing.

Padded caps and liners

Head is one of the most important parts of body, it has to be protected at the highest level.
We have a great variety of padded liners and arming caps for additional defense. 
Our shop offer you padded armor for many types of helmets:
  • padded liners for sallet, norman and conical helmets
  • medieval liners for bascinet and barbute
  • medieval padded arming caps

These models of padded liners are not used independently from helmet. Liner is to be sewn or riveted into the helmet.

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